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Layered Shell Modeling

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I am confused regarding displacements calculated through layered shell model in Ansys using Shell 181.

The model is composed of 5 layered sections of different materials (with thicknesses) assigned to an area. The whole laminate is cooled from a reference (zero-strain) (150 C) temperature to a uniform temperature (-40 C).

I need to calculate the difference of displacements between two nodes in the meshed area, for a specific location in layer no. 3. The issue is that I only have nodes in one plane and the results (i think) are interpolated along the thickness. My question is that, is there any method to find displacements at a specific layer in the shell model [as we can find all other results (stress, strains etc.) for different layers]

I have also developed a 3D model (solid 185) for the same problem and the displacements calculated verifies with the literature but has a difference of the order of 10 with the shell model. I need to use the shell model in order to decrease the problem size.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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