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Jumping rubber pad in contact- ABAQUS

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Hi all,


[*] I am trying to model a rotating rubber pad (NBR shore A 80) spinning at 5000 rpm and making contact with Aluminium block.

[*] I fit Monney Rivlin for my model in ABAQUS explicit.

[*] I modeled this circular pad coupled to reference point where I give my loading and other motions.

[*] When the spinning pad comes in contact with this aluminium block it bends and make a contact, but after few steps it relaxes to the initial position and again comes into contact and then relaxes again. This continues as a sinusoidal behavior till the given step time..

[*] Since I am giving loading the reference point and the pad has to move, I cannot arrest that axis to stop it bouncing in that axis.

[*] I have tried giving load both in tabular amplitude and also instantaneously but it doesnt work, still it behaves that way

[*] There is NO convergence problem , but the behaviour of the rubber pad in contact is strange.

Can anybody suggest what can be done to stop this jumping unstable behaviour.?


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It sounds odd since Mooney-Rivlin is a non-linear elastic model. Although I have to admit that I dont quite understand your description.

Can you run the analysis using Abaqus/Standard instead?


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