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Hysteresis for hyperelastic model in Abaqus

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Hello everyone,


I'm a student developing a model to simulate the behaviour of reinforced natural rubber bearings.
To do this I'm trying to calibrate my model on an experiment that was carried out in a publication. In this publication, they had also produced a model using Ansys and the Ogden N=3 behaviour law. They had also obtained test-data curves from experiments on their material.
In my Abaqus model, I tried to reproduce their experimental results by successively reusing the test-data curves and then the parameters (which I had to modify as Ansys and Abaqus don't use the same formulae to define the Ogden model).
But when I use the Abaqus hysteresis model or the Bergstrom-Boyce (BB) model I can't get the same values as the experiments. I used the recommended parameters which are : S=1.6, A=0.556, m=4 and c=-1.
The parameters of my Odgen model are:
μ1 0.59787             α1 3.150
μ2 0.012235204      α2 4.898
μ3 0.005413           α3 -2.000
The elements I use are C3D8H for rubber and C3D8 for steel.
The forces I obtain are greatly underestimated compared to the reference experimental results.
Furthermore, the options for the modulus to be declared either instantaneous or long-term for the *ELASTIC, *HYPERELASTIC seem to have completely random effects on my results. In the long term, the hysteresis curve shifts further and further outwards with each loop without returning to itself as expected.
The model no longer seems to want to return to the instantaneous calculation process and seems to remain stuck on long-term.


Do you know how I should proceed? Have I made a mistake somewhere?


Thank you for reading me 

Your help will be truly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,