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How to reduce Run-times(CPU/Memory)

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Dear Dr. Bergstrom

Is there anyway to ask the Abaqus to use a higher portion of CPU and memory than it usually does?

I set the memory usage to 99% percentage of the physical memories , multiple CPUs and domain but when I check in the task manager it only uses about 55% of the CPU which just sometimes reaches 100% and only uses 1.8 GB out of 3 GBs of Ram. (Dell, 2.5 Ghz Core2Due with 3 GBs of active Ram)

As another question , is it possible to parallel my desktop and laptop computers to share CPUs and RAMs and reduce the jobs run-time?

Thank you very much for you constructive replies,

Yours Sincerely


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Before you run the job, go to edit job, memory tab and you can allocate the maximum preprocessor and analysis memory (%).

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Mei is right - you can use CAE to specify how many CPUs and RAM memory you want to use. You can also do that using command line arguments.

Note that a simulation cannot always use all the resources that you allow it to use. It will also depend on the nature of the simulation setup.

Yes, you can use both your desktop and laptop computers. But I think that both computers need to have the same CPU type (32-bit or 64-bit) and OS.