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how to define the reference point by python from abaqus model

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Hello, at first, happy new year to you!

I come across a problem and need your help!

When I use python to establish the abaqus model, I dont know how to define the reference point in python, which is as follows

p = mdb. models[Model-1]. parts[ReelFormer]

refPoint1 = p. ReferencePoint(point=(0.0, -0.165, 0.0 ))

refPoints = (refPoint1, )

p. Set(referencePoints=refPoints, name=Reel_RP)

The second sentence is to define the reference point in a discrete rigid body. And then I want to put the reference point into sets. So I use the following two sentences to accomplish it! But an error come out as follows

In p. Set(referencePoints=refPoints, name=Reel_RP)

TypeError: referencePoints[0], found Feature, expecting tuple

It means that the value of referencePoints should be a tuple, but I assign a tuple---refPoints---to the referencePoints. I dont know why its error. Very thankful for your kind help!