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How to calculte temperature raise in plastics due to dissipated energy?

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Dear all

I am trying to calculate the heat build-up in rubber (e.g. NBR). I did some experiments according to ISO4666-3 (compression, constant strain type) and now i want to model the material behaviour in a FEA. I have the possibilities to do that either in ANSYS Workbench or in ABAQUS. Does anyone know if this is even possible?

The specimens are cylindrical (diameter 17.8 mm, height 25 mm) and are compressed by a given deformation (epsilon x sin(omega X t)). Due to molecular friction there will be a raise in temperature. I want to use the dissipated energy and transform this energy into heat, so I can plot the temperature distribution. An additional difficulty is that some material parameters also depend on the temperature (heat transfer coefficient alpha and thermal conductivity coefficient lambda). Has anyone ever modeled anything like that and can give me some advice?

thx Robin

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I have done that type of modeling multiple times. It works great. Just make sure you use a coupled thermo-mechanical analysis, and then provide both the mechanical and thermal properties.


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