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How to calculate bending Axial_Energy seperately in a 2D frame in ABAQUS

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I am kind of new into ABAQUS. I am trying to analyze a simple 2D frame kind of structure in ABAQUS, where I need to calculate total bending and total axial energies of the whole model seperately. ABAQUS has a option ALLIE in the history output, which gives the total internal energy of the model...but not bending and axial energies seperately.

Can anybody help me in this regard



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I quickly looked through the Abaqus documentation and I did not see separate outputs for bending and axial loading. Hmm, perhaps I missed it but it does not seem easy to separate the two.

Perhaps you could run your simulation using truss elements, which only take axial loads. From that simulation you might be able to estimate how much energy is stored in axial loading...

The difference between the beam and the truss elements might indicate the amount of energy stored in bending ❓

- Jorgen

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