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How (and Where ) can I get the Material Libraries in Abaqus/CAE 6.10?

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Hello EveryOne!

I need some help with the next doubt. Im creating a beam with FEM and I wanna apply some diferents materials for testing deflection and Ive read that Abaqus has its own Material Libraries in which I can found all kind of different materials. I attach the picture 1 and as you can see, there is an option with the Material Label but the problem is that I dont have that Label in my version.

Ive read in many differents websites that there is a Plugin for materials but I couldnt find it.

So my request for all of you is that if you know How can I get and use the material libraries for a FEM in Abaqus/CAE v6.10? (Just like the next picture!)

So please I need this because its the last step in my model.

Best regards for all of you guys!

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(@sathiya praba)
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Hii dear,
you can develop the material library itself by adding your materials in material library. first you generate a material and give name material-1. after that go to the material lib. and click the > sign. from this approach you can build own lib.

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you can use MatLib which is developed by BanuMusa as an Abaqus material library. it has 1700+ materials in 32 categories. for more information click the link.