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fortran/abaqus communication problem?

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Hi, I am trying to run an Abaqus example (a fortran code) for accessing Abaqus results files, so that I can get an idea of how to start writing my own. I type the following:

Abaqus make job=fprin

and I get the follwoing error:

Tha following file(s) could not be located: fprin.for, fprin.C, fprin.c,, fprin.cpp, fprin. CPP, fprin.cxx, fprin.CXX, fprin.obj

Abaqus requires an appropriate input file(s) to compile th euser routine.

The Abaqus Make execution exited with errors.

I wonder what is wrong. After reading the posts I noticed that I can NOT run Abaqus from the command line which is apparently some thing I need to be able to do? Does it have any thing to do with this?

It also seems that I need to be able to reach the fortran compilers from the command prompt, but I dont know how to do that. May be that will help with checking reasons for errors?

Your response will be greatly appreciated!



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What is the extension of your fprin file? That is, what type of file is it?

Also, why are you trying to read Abaqus results files using Fortran? In most cases you can use either CAE or Abaqus python interface to get the data. Both of these approaches are typically much easier.


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suggestion solution (fortran/abaqus communication problem)

it might be work if you change the filename extension to one of the fortran format such as [B].for[/B]