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FE simulation of high strain rate behavior of Polycarbonate  

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I am using PolyUmod's TNM to simulate the high strain rate mechanical behavior of Polycarbonate in Abaqus. My intension is to apply different strain rates (300 - 1700 1/s) and record the forces to be compared with the experimental data. 

 As shown in the Figure below, forces comparable to the experimental data are recorded for low strain rates but totally different and seemingly unrealistic forces are recorded for high strain rates. 

 Could my set-up be wrong? kindly asking for advice on how to achieve good forces for high strain rates. 

my specimen is 68mm long and am applying engineering strains of up to 30%. I suspect that I might be wrong on the time period chosen. How to determine the time period considering the strain rates in Abaqus?

Many thanks.