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Executing Abaqus in batch mode from .sh script

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Hi All,

I am working on an optimisation using Abaqus and have a problem with scripting a .sh file to execute the optimising algorithm..

I cannot figure out how to call my Abaqus *.py file from the shell script (.sh) as the optimisation code requires. I can get Abaqus to run the .py from python, dos, Matlab - no problem.

I have a working example with ANSYS like this:
C:\\Program Files\\ANSYS Inc\\v130\\ansys\\bin\\winx64\\ANSYS130.exe -p [licence server] -b -np 2 -j [inputfilename] -i %AnsysScript% -o [outputfilename].out

For Abaqus, I have not been able to generate such a file that works&#8230,and have tried many possibilities with no luck. One problem is, I do not know how to test if I have compiled this file correctly in win7 as the command is written in bash (i think?) The path to Abaqus is obvious i think, but i cannot find anything to help me write the syntax for the batch process.

I hope what I have written make sense. If you have any ideas, this would be very appreciated.

Many Thanks,

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I am a bit confused. It sounds like you are using a Windows computer and that you are considering using a bash script. Why would you use a shell script on Windows?

You can start abaqus from a script using:

abaqus.bat job=[jobname]


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