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Deformation Gradient from clouds of points

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Dear all,

I have some difficulties to build up my deformation gradient from the results of Abaqus in Matlab.

I want to do a sensitivity analysis in matlab and I want to import the results (stress-strain abaqus) of another hyper-elastic simulation to matlab.

What I have in matlab is the Coordinates in reference and deformed configurations, strains and stresses in local coordinates.

What I have to do is to reconstruct the deformation gradient for each element.

I have read some stuff on the internet, but all of the examples are when you have a function that you can derivative easily based on initial configuration. But in my case I have just the coordinates while the strains and stresses in abaqus are calculated in integration points(8Node elements).

I have also seen some information of spectral decomposition of strain tensor (to get eigenvalues and eigenvectors) and THEN recompute the gradient of deformation but I dont get how to do the THEN part.

Any help, hints or keywords that can guide me somewhere is very appreciated.