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Convert Ls-Dyna Vicoelastic model to Abaqus Prony series

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Hello all,

Am having details of viscoelastic model parameters used in ls-dyna. The information are bulk mod, long and short term shear modulus and decay const. How to convert the above info to prony series so that i can use for my simulations in Abaqus. Thanks.


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LS-DYNA and Abaqus define the Prony series slightly differently, but if you have the documentations for both solvers than you should be able to perform the conversion quickly. I also wrote a little document about that a few years ago. It should be somewhere on this forum...


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Hello! @Jorgen I tried to search the mapping of these both equations but believe me it is so confusing, since things are not clearly mentioned. If okay can you attach the link, where you did the mapping, I tried to search but unable to find. Any help will be really appreciable.

Thank you in advance.