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Clearing Variables and data in Abaqus

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Hi All,

I have been developing a UMAT for a thermoplastic based material to use for creep. I am fairly new to Abaqus and have been using CAE v6.9-2 on Windows XP. My problem is that it seems that when I change things in my UMAT or my model it does not completely update.

I will save a version of my UMAT, then create a very simple model (like a tension bar) and when it runs, sometimes it will solve and work as intended. Sometimes it will go into some infinite loop (with no errors), which is usually originally due to a mistake in my UMAT, and I have to kill the process via windows. And sometimes it will abort due to some huge numbers. And once in awhile I get system error code 145 (but I think this is from mistakes in the UMAT). These results all come from trying to run the same UMAT code at different times, and same basic model. Seems impossible right? Its driving me crazy!

I have tried always changing the name of my UMAT and that worked for awhile, but that stopped working too. Perhaps it has something to do with me killing the process? Perhaps it is not updating the .obj file when it recompiles? I dont know where the .obj files are to see them or delete them.

If anyone can suggest a way to clear all my variables, or a way I can see what is going on (ways of writing variables from the UMAT), or any other thoughts about this mystery, it would be appreciated.



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That sounds frustrating. My guess is that there is some memory allocation problem in your UMAT. Perhaps you are reading or writing beyond the end of an array. I recommend that you double-check your code.


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The problem was definitely in my code, and was a memory allocation problem of sorts. There were a couple of problems actually, one was that I was trying to read past the end of a defined array. The other was that I was not initially setting all my variables to zero, which became an issue in some of my loops.

Frustrating indeed, but its working beautifully now.