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Boundary Conditions for two contacting surfaces

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Hello all,

I have a problem. I am putting two 2D contacting bodies, one flat surface, the other with asperities together in sliding motion. I am also applying a force load on the top surface (the one with asperities). The asperities are not even so the top of the surface deforms or the body itself tilts. I do not want this to happen.

Is there a way to keep the back end of the body completely horizontal in this situation? I have tried applying BCs and creating a rigid body to connect to the back end. I have also tried making the back end a different material with a high modulus but even so it deforms slightly. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for your time.

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You may be able to do it using a COUPLING command, or a EQUATION command (assuming you are using Abaqus).


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