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Bergstrom-Boyce Model Info

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[IMG] [/IMG] If you are interested in learning more about the Bergstrom-Boyce (BB) model,
which is now a built-in feature of both Abaqus and ANSYS, then you should consider checking out the Bergstrom-Boyce model [URL= ]page[/URL] on [URL= ][/URL].

The Bergstrom-Boyce model is a really cool model that works very for predicting the strain-rate dependence and hysteresis or elastomer-like materials. Since I developed this model as part of my Ph.D. work at M.I.T, I might be slightly biased 😎

The [URL= ][/URL] web site is a new web site that I have been working on. It is not completely done yet, but there is already some useful information on the site. The main value of the site is that it contains useful information about various models, and that is contains an online calculator for the models that are supported.


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