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ANSYS static structural solution problem

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Hi everyone!
I`m trying calculate a deformation of a big model of electronic component with solder balls, solder mask and other related materials, but i have a big issue with solution.
Here`s my flowchart: create model in solidworks=>transfer to workbench static structural=>create models for material (including anand viscoplastic)=>define geometry with materials in model=>define loads=>create mesh=>solve.
And then the problem starts... In the solution progress after a few minutes in solver output window i see following message: The solver output file has exceeded the maximum size and will not be displayed here. The solution progress hangs on the creating mathematical model, and it looks like hangs there forever, cos i waited for 24 hours to clarify that.
So here`s my question, can somebody explain what am i doing wrong? Why Solution hangs? (i know that this is non-linear solution, and it can be time consuming, but i tried to calculate same model with only linear materials and there were the same problem).
Would be very thankful for any kind of help!

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That sounds very strange. What is written in the log file?
It is possible that you are using odd material parameters for your Anand material model.


PS. Prof. Anand was on my thesis committee 🙂

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