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Ansys Modelling/solution problem

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I have meshed an entire wing in Ansys. (ribs spars and skin) It was fairly complex (to me :P) with differing materials on the sides of each volume. (Composite layers on the side and a core material). (I applied the composite on the sides by areas and then the core by volumes), the skin I applied by area mesh. The problem comes when I apply the load on the top of the skin and run the solution, Ansys does not give any errors, however the solution is no good. It does not yield any stresses, nor does it yield any deformation etc.

Could it be because I applied the loads to key points created after meshing? if this is the case how would I go about meshing keypoints located on the top of the skin at certain locations since I meshed the skin from an area shell99 element...

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Sounds like a cool looking model - can you post an image 😎

The fact that you dont get any stress is quite strange. Are you sure you applied a non-zero load?


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