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Ansys Gluing problem

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I have tried to glue the pieces of the components of a wing together (spars to skin) however I keep getting and error that the input areas do not meet the conditions for AGLU operation.

I am at a loss of what to do, seemingly everything is meshed alright except when applying loads only the skin deforms even though the skin is practically sitting on top of the spars (difference of .2 e-2 between skin and spars). I even went as far as to create an area with two keypoints at the edge of a spar and two key points an inch out and gluing that area to the top area of the spar or the side area of the spar with neither glue working!

Is there a way to make sure everything is connected so the loads transfer properly without gluing? Is there a better way to glue? I dont wish to reconstruct the model simply because I dont know how to import key points quickly (I sit there manually inputting 1 by 1 like I did for top skin which took about an hour 😛 ) and further more I imported the spars and stuff from Solid works , (skin didnt import because I was going to use shell 99 element which only works on areas not volumes)

Any input into this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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I dont recall the details about AGLU in Ansys - perhaps someone else has more insight.

In your case, is it possible to combine the nodes directly? That way you would be able to transfer the forces without any need to glue.


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I think AGLu should work. You may need to check your mesh.

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Ansys gluing problem


Im not sure how to tell you to do this in ANSYS Classic because I am a ANSYS Workbench user, but if you can figure out how to apply a MPC (multi-point constraint) contact condition at the interface, the nodes will be shared between the two surfaces. The stress should then transfer the way you expect.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

Andy 🙂