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About the stability criterion in Dynamic / Explicit analysis

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Dear all,

Here is a question(s) about the stability criterion in a dynamic explicit analysis.

In ABAQUS users manual I red that the stability of an explicit procedure can be ensured if the time-increment is small enough. Then, as a limit criterion of stability, the given time-increment should be less than 2 / omega.

Omega is defined as the frequency of the system ... so my questions are :

1) Does anyone know how can I estimate the value of that frequency (Omega) ? in words ... what is Omega ...

2) I estimated the time-increment to be about 1,0E-07 s given my materials constants, and given the smallest element size of my model (delta_t = L / c). Still, how can I ensure myself that the solution given by such a time-increment is sufficiently reliable indeed ?

Any response would be meaningfull I think 🙂 I realise a tensile simulation using a viscoelastic law.

Thank you much in advance,


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