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Abaqus Uniaxial Simulation of Hyperelastic Material

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Hi, I am trying to model the ASTM D638 test sample in Abaqus and run a uniaxial test by displacing it a specific distance. I am very new to using Abaqus and was wondering if I could get help from someone in regards to a tutorial or literature information to properly run the analysis? I found a few articles online to help but after running the analysis It produced me an error.

I have my bench-top data for stress-strain using a standard Instron and want to use it in the material properties using Ogdens Hyperelastic model.

I defined the density, poissons ratio, stress-strain data and the order of the strain density function.

I then defined a Boundary Condition for one end fixed and a boundary condition on the other end for displacement.

I originally modeled the sample in Soilidworks and brought it into Abaqus via a .step file.

Im sure I have either some settings or elemental properties incorrect.

Anyones help will be greatly appreciated!

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The MCalibration software has a built-in load case for ASTM D638.
You can get the FREE version of [URL= ]MCalibration [/URL]here, but you need the real version to use the ASTM D638 feature (since that requires the MCalibration-Abaqus interaface which is not part of the FREE version).


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Hi Dr. Bergstrom,
I want to extract stress-strain curve for a polymer using ls-dyna and then compare it with experimental results. I have Mcalibration not the free version that you provided me in FEM of polymer workshop. My question is how can I create FE model for ls-dyna using Mcalibration?.