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Abaqus - Problem with multiple nonlinear Springs

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Greetings everyone,

I'm modelling in Abaqus/CAE 2020 a cylindrical structure that has to be supported by multiple nonlinear springs at its shell surface. The nonlinear springs need to to represent the characteristics of soil layers, so that at each soil layer a new spring is needed.

My problem is that, as soon as a define more than one nonlinear spring, my simulation is aborted.

So far I have managed to run my simulation with one nonlinear spring defined as:

*Spring, elset=s1_py-spring, orientation=zyl, nonlinear


0, 0

535.1478059, 0.001

1042.39801, 0.002

1499.382057, 0.003

1892.613097, 0.004

2217.841801, 0.005

2478.12813, 0.006

2681.012773, 0.007

2835.924671, 0.008

2952.353536, 0.009

3038.824607, 0.01

The problem arises as soon as a define a second nonlinear spring like this:

*Spring, elset=s2_py-spring, orientation=zyl, nonlinear


0, 0

133.6711142, 0.001

259.7325047, 0.002

372.2139596, 0.003

467.7267022, 0.004

545.4769863, 0.005

606.6212133, 0.006

653.4140725, 0.007

688.4829661, 0.008

714.355594, 0.009

733.2230855, 0.01

I get the following error message:

Error in job LBA: in keyword *CONFLICTS, file "LBA.inp", line 5795: Keyword *Conflicts is generated by Abaqus/CAE to highlight changes made via the Keywords Editor that conflict with changes made subsequently via the native GUI

Line 5795 is the line where I defined the second spring as nonlinear. This has to be done via keyword editing since nonlinear springs cannot be defined in the GUI. This problem does not come up when I do just one spring.

I can't use one spring since the springs model the soil at each layer.

Does anyone have experience modelling multiple nonlinear springs?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.