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ABAQUS - MAP SOLUTION - error code 5 - hyperelastic material

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I am using ABAQUS to simulate polymer melt flow in composite materials.

I am using a hyperelastic/viscoelastic material model.

I am also remeshing the model when the deformation gets large and using

MAP SOLUTION to map the old solution onto the new mesh.

This works fine if the material is a viscoelastic material, however when

using a hyperelastic or combined hyperelastic/viscoelastic material

then ABAQUS crashes at the MAP SOLUTION stage with a system error code 5

in the text file.

Has anyone seen an error code 5 associated with solution mapping?

If so how did you solve it?

Any help is appreciated - Thank You

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Error code 5 is is a memory allocation issue. So, for example, if you are using a subroutine make sure:

a) all your variables are defined and called properly (like, say, Depvar)
b) have small print commands in your subroutine to make sure the variables are being called
c) run the subroutine on a single element
d) make sure FORTRAN syntax is strictly followed (names must be short, length of line must be less than 72 characters etc.)
e) lines in the inp should not be repeated (i think/guess)

Try running the exact same INP again or reduce/increase the memory provided to Abaqus.

Although very rare, I know someone whose RAM had an issue which seemed to result in this error, you might want to run the model on another computer just to make sure.

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