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Abaqus, how can I use an output temperature in next job?

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I need to know how to use an output data (temperature in this case) from a previous job as a initial PredefinedField in next job in Abaqus. I need to do it 400 times, so Im doing it with a Python Script.

What I exactly need to do is to apply the last temperature from Step2 Job1, as a Boundary Condition for Step1 Job2. I had errors using Boundary Condition, so thats why I am using Predefined Fields.

I dont have too much Python knowledge so what I do is to work from the GUI, and then take the script from the .jnl that Abaqus automatically do when you save.

Im doing these steps:

[I]1. Go to the Load module and choose Predefined Field --> Create.

2. In the Create Predefined Field dialog box, choose the Initial step, and the radio button for the Other category. In the list to the right, choose Temperature.

3. You will be propted to select the regions of the model. You should choose the geometry shared between the two analysis where you have temperature data you want to import.

4. In the Edit Predefined Field dialog box, in the Distribution drop down list, choose From results or output database file. The dialog box will then change giving you a place to select the odb file from the first analysis. Youll then be able to select any saved step or increment from the first thermal analysis to import, as well as define mesh interpolation properties in case the meshes in the the two anaysis are different.[/I]

The line that I get from the .jnl doesnt specify the regions that I chose, and I think that could be the problem. The line from the .jnl is this one:

[I]mdb.models[Model-1].Temperature(absoluteExteriorTolerance=0.0, beginIncrement=50, beginStep=2, createStepName=Initial, distributionType= FROM_FILE, endIncrement=None, endStep=None, exteriorTolerance=0.05, fileName=C:/SIMULIA/Temp/Job-1.odb, interpolate=OFF, name= Predefined Field-7)[/I]

While the jobs are being completed, I can read in the message area:

Abaqus Warning: The C:/SIMULIA/Temp/Taladro_Job1.odb file will be used

So it looks like it is getting into the .odb file, but by some reason its not getting the data I want. Because I get the same result if I dont launch those lines.

I have also thought that it is maybe because there are different parts and meshes in each job. Each job is almost the same than the job before, but I have to delete a very little part of 0,035 mm, and remesh some parts. Or maybe I have to save the temperature somehow I can then use it from an other job.

I would really appreciate any help.

Thanks in advice,


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You should be able to script that using Abaqus Python.
I often find it informative to run one python command at a time from a command window.


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