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Abaqus FSI methods: CEL vs CFD-Standard/Explicit co-simulation vs?

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Hi All,

I am new to considering dynamics of fluids in a model. I am learning of the ways Abaqus can handle fluid-solid interaction. By fluid I definitely dont mean hydrostatic as that can be handled in Abaqus/Standard.

I already have practiced a few examples in Eulerian-Lagrangian domain using Abaqus/Explicit. I never have used CFD so no idea. Any comments much appreciated!

I was wondering what are the major differences between 1-Eulerian-Lagrangian and 2-co-simulation coupling Abaqus CFD and either of Explicit or Standard modules? and when to use which of them?

Plus, does Abaqus offer any other additional techniques other than Coupled Eulerian or CFD to handle fluid-solid interaction problems?

Thanks a lot!!


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