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abaqus and umat: first and last increments

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I hope everyones work is going smoothly.

I am modelling damage in composite using umat subroutine. In my umat, I added write command to print the result to external data file. Whenever umat is called, for every integration point, the result is printed in the external data file. I understand that abaqus call umat at least twice for every increment (one for the Jacobin and one to update the stresses) and one for every additional iteration in each increment. My external data file has all the results except the first and final increments (time=0 and time=1). The results for these increments are available to view in abaqus/viewer. I think, for these results to be available in abaqus, abaqus/solver has to call umat and if so, umat must print the results in the external data file.

Do any body have any idea about how abaqus call umat and exchange results. Or why the results of these increments are not available in umat.

Thanks for the help,


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