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Abaqus 6.11/Shell: Detect reaction force and reapply to opposing side

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currently I am working on a FEM model in Abaqus 6.11 which simulates the stress and strain in a conveyor belt. To make the simulation easier I reduced the problem to a two dimensional model. To do this I cut the belt and have the carrying side and return side of the belt forming a rectangle. On this rectangle I apply a shear force (see my other post) which causes the belt to stretch.

As a boundary condition I have to have the opposing sides of the shell behave as if they have not been cut before. I have been trying to solve this problem by applying kinematic constraints but this leaves me with other difficulties such as missing boundary conditions for the movement in space.

Thats why I have been thinking about boundary conditions that would detect the reaction force RF1 in the fixing an reapply this force in every step to the opposing side during calculations. A attached sketch demonstrates the idea.

I could not find any help on this before so I would be very thankful for your help.