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Abaqus 6.11/Shell: Apply mesh independent area of shear force that is fixed in space

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this is the first time I post in this forum. Previous searches in the internet, the Abaqus manual and many forums unfortunately did not help.

Currently I am working on a FEM model in Abaqus 6.11 which simulates the stress and strain in a conveyor belt. To make the simulation easier I reduced the problem to a two dimensional model. To do this I cut the belt and have the carrying side and return side of the belt forming a rectangle. On this flat shell I would like to simulate the shear force which is caused by a driven head pulley.

My problem is that I dont know how to apply an area of shear force to the shell that is fixed in space and mesh independent. Because as soon as the initial tension is applied the shear force has to affect different nodes than before the application of the initial tension.

To demonstrate the problem I created a sketch which is attached to this post.

It would be great if I could solve this problem in Abaqus CAE because I have started to use Abaqus five month ago and currently I am not able to use Python or modifications of the inp file.

Any help would be higly appreciated.

Greetings from Germany 🙂