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Needle penetration into tissue

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I am trying to design needle penetration into tissue with viscoelastic and Hyperelastic material properties. I have designed 2D single part of brain tissue with partition from the center and tip of the needle is aligned to the center of the tissue. Tissue has been give cohesive section and mesh properties and probe is just homogeneous section and normal mesh. Interaction properties has cohesive behavior and interaction are given surface to surface with edges of the needle as master surface and tissue one as slave surface. Is this approach of mine is correct one.?

I tried various ways but every time it shoot me various error one of it is 3 elements are distorted. Either the isoparametric angles are out of the suggested limits or the triangular or tetrahedral quality measure is bad. The elements have been identified in element set WarnElemDistorted.

Can anyone help me out with this think.


Romil Modi

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