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Drilling simulation with real drilling parameters problem

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Hello everyone!

I have one problem on real feed rate and spindle speed setting in Abaqus.

We know that machining simulation is constructed with Abaqus/Explicit and that there is no iterations under each time step.

So the time step for each increment can not be too large to guarantee convergence.

The SI units system is adopted for convenience in my drilling simulation.

When I simulate drilling process, the time for each increment is at 10e-5s level ( see fig. 1 time step)

When my drilling conditions are feed rate at mm/s level (say 5 mm/s) and workpiece thickness is set as 2.5 mm.

The total time needed is 2.5/5 = 0.5 s.

So the whole increment number will be 0.5 s/ 10e-5 s ~= 10e4. its too large. Maybe the whole day can not finish the simulation.

And the rotation speed unit is radians/time in Abaqus. My understanding on this is rad/s. When the spindle speed is 3000 rpm.

In abaqus, I should input 3000*2*pi/60 = 100*pi ~=413 rad/s for rotational speed.

Now I just increased the feed rate to m/s level (say 5 m/s) and increased the spindle speed correspondingly.

Now the total time is about 2.5 mm/ 5 m/s =5e-4 s ( 10e-4 s level)

So just more than 10 increments are needed to finish the simulation.

But this problem is that the feed rate and spindle speed is not true and therefore these settings cannot be used for parameter analysis for drilling.

Now I want to know how to solve this problem to simulate the real parameters and the total simulation time is not too long.

I cant insert figures for this thread.

So you can see the related figures for this topic.

Thank you in advance.


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