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Definition of Cohesive separation in UMAT subroutine

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Dear all.

I have been working with UEL subroutine to develop a cohesive element and damage material law in ABAQUS. The subroutine is robust and works fine. but in high cycles fatigue analysis the amount of time to obtain the solution makes the UEL subroutine inefficient.(Yes I know that the extrapolation method with *Direct cyclic is the solution, but *Direct Cyclic can be used with UEL).

My problem is that im trying to pass the UEL to UMAt (Umat can be used with direct cyclic)and I cannot define correctly the separation of the cohesive element(Damage law is straight relationship with the separaion element). In the UEL subroutine the element separation definition is the distance between two nodes of the element in each direction, this is very simple to obtain due to coords (j,K) argument UEL subroutine.

But in UMAT?. Is the total separation at each increment the sum of DSTRAN +STRAN?. If i define this in my user subroutine my model cannot take convergence.

Thanks for your hlep in advance.