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using volumetric compression test data

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Hi all,

I am modeling a hyperelastic material. I am using yeoh, ogden and mooney-rivlin models. I made uniaxial test, simple shear and volumetric compression (compression using a piston in uniaxial direction) tests. I have the test data available. I will extract the hyperelastic coefficients Cij s and Di s.

my question is: assuming incompressible material, I can use uniaxial and simple shear test data to calculate the hyperelastic cij coefficients. BUT, if I want to use compression test, should I compute the Cij and Di coefficients together OR, first compute the Cij s and assuming the Cij s are available then compute for Di values using compression test data only?

Can you please help me to solve my conflict.


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Generally speaking, I recommend using a compressible material model since there is no truly incompressible material.

I also recommend using the MCalibration software to then calibrate all the material parameters at once.