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Modeling of FRP composites using Ansys

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Hi there

I am attempting to define a suitable material property for FRP laminates as to use them for my FE modeling of reinforced concrete structures.

I have used solid65 element for the concrete and I have achieved a nice agreement based on the experimental data. I use solid46 element for FRP composites as different layers with different material properties are available in each direction.

my problem is to define a material model in which the tensile stress-strain curve is different for each direction as well as compression and tension. the software offers a material model named Generalized Anisotropic Hill Potential in which everything I want is provided but the problem is that when I define different tensile and compression yield stress/strain, it generates some consistency problems.

I think this happens because of my linear material basis. in this case I need to define a linear material with different Elastic modulus and poissons ratio for tension and compression first which i dont know how to deal with it!

please discuss your experience with me 🙂

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