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How to model experimental data in Ansys

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Hello guys.

I already have the Storage Modulus and Loss factor from a polymer that I would like to use in my masters. Unfortunately, I really cant figure out how to put them in Ansys.

Ive tried to perform a curve fitting procedure for viscoelastic curve fitting and by now Ive been trying to use Experimental data table using the comand [B]TB,EXPE[/B],Mat_Number,1,99,[B]GMODULUS[/B]

The problem is that Ansys asks for Elastic Modulus, and there is my problem. If I only have the curves of storage modulus and loss factor versus frequency, where would I get the elastic modulus?

I dont know whether Im doing it wrong or if Im forgetting to put a command line.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot!