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Clamping method for high speed tensile test

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Dear Friends,

I am doing high speed tensile test for paperboard materials. The materials are very thin (around 0.2 [mm] thickness!!! ) and pretty soft with fracture force of just 200[N] !!

In this reason, we have always such a kind of local fracture near to the clamping area due to soft and thin material response. We are looking to find the best method for clamping device to prevent this local defects.

Maybe, somebody has any good suggestion or issue for clamping method to overcome this problem during this high speed tensile test.

I would be happy to hear from your side,

With my bests,

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Hi Hassan,
have you already found a solution to your problem? What kind of test do you perform?

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I often test very think polymer films in uniaxial tension. The testing typically works very well as long as we die-cut suitable dogbone-shaped specimens. We often use, for example, ASTM D638 Type IV specimens for these tests.