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Calculating storage/loss modulus from DMA experimental data

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Hello, I am attempting to calculate and plot storage and loss modulus curves from exported experimental DMA data. On the apparatuss software, I can choose to display both moduli as a function of time or temperature, but I am not sure how to re-create the plots from the exported data. I have attached a screenshot of the curves from the program where the storage and loss moduli are the blue and red curves respectively. I have also attached a portion of the exported .txt data file to see the data that is provided through the program. Other information that I believe would be relevant is:

3 point bend test
2 degree C/min step
frequency = 1 Hz
width of sample = 5.15 mm
length of sample = 10 mm
thickness = 1.18 mm
static force = 7.5 mN
dynamic force = 5 mN
strain control set to 0.02%

I have tried calculating the stress using the force and sample area and dividing by the amplitude given in the text file and then multiplying by the cos(rawangle) or sin(rawangle), but it doesnt quite give the curves I am looking for.

This is outside the area of my expertise, so any help is much appreciated.

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