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TPU Abaqus : Elastic or Hyperelastic?

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I transfer this message in right spot : Thermoplastic, Is it possible to delete this message?

Hi all,

Its maybe a stupid question but I would like to make sure. I have to modelize TPU over Abaqus. How can I know if I have to use Elastic behavior or Hyperelastic behavior? Should I add Plastic behavior material as well knowing I would like to get the failure during a tensile test? I did this test in real, thereby I can use these data.
If I have to use hyperelastic behavior(I am really beginner in this area), which one should I use?

thanks for your help !

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The rule of thumb that Ive heard is that if you use linear (infinitesimal) elasticity, you get 1.5% error in your calcs for every 1% strain... thats assuming its behavior is actually hyperelastic. If theres viscoelastic effects or damage, the error is even worse... you didnt provide much info, so thats about all we can tell you...

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