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Polyurethane modelling with Ansys

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Hello everybody,

Im new in this forum.

I have some doubt about the structural FEA modeling of a polyurethane materials with hardness of 95 Shore A (here the link for the properties: [url] [/url]).

During the preprocessor, I define a material models nonlinear-elastic-multilinear elastic and then, I wrote in the right tab the stress and strain points of the stress-strain curve for this material.

Then, I created the model, applied the load and displacement, defined a mesh and solved. However, Im not very sure about the material models Ive set: someone in academic paper or in Ansys analysis of rubbery materials, prefer the use of hyperelastic models, in particular the Mooney-Rivlin model.

Could someone kindly explain me the differences between a multilinear elastic model and a Mooney-Rivlin model?

What are the parameters Im going to set when use a Mooney-River model?

Thanks for your help