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Planar Shear Testing - Butyl

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Hi All,

I previously posted the same question in the FEA section however I got no response, maybe posting here will help.

So for my final year thesis I am creating an Ansys material model for Butyl rubber and using FEA to predict the response for different loading cases. I have conducted uniaxial, equibiaxial (bubble) and planar shear tests in an effort to fully characterise the material.

My problem arises however in the fact that I do not know how to process the data I have gotten from the planar shear test (Force-Extension) and convert it into stress and strain as required by Ansys. I have followed the prescribed parameters (i.e. width to length ratio etc).

I am really quite stuck at this moment in time as my project is due for final review in 2 weeks time.

Please can somebody help me, unfortunately we dont have an elastomer expert in the college with sufficient shear testing experience who can assist me.

Also, if I can get a solution to this, I can post the data up here for all to access and use in their own models. Furthermore, my thesis will contain an acknowledgement to any person who can provide a good solution.

I really appreciate any help given either way, also thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kindest Regards,

Alan Whitford

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This answer may come too late 🙁

I dont know that a planar shear test is, my guess is that you are thinking of a plane strain tension test. I discuss the details of this test in my recent [URL= ]book[/URL].


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