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Elastomer modelling in abaqus cae

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Dear all,

Will you please tell me how to model 3D bump stop in abaqus cae? i used [B]hyperelastic[/B] material type, with the uniaxial test data of 1000 points. I applied pressure on top surface ( converted the load in to pressure by dividing area of the loaded surface) and given a boundary condition on the bottom surface as Encastre (plz refer attached image). I used [B]C3D4H[/B] Element for this. Still it is not taking load, plz refer the image attached. If i apply less pressure it gives me some output, but for large pressure values it is showing Too many increments made for this element.What i need to do now? What should i do in material properties or element type?


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What hyperelastic model did you select?

Did you use an Abaqus/Standard simulation?

I recommend that you try a simple hyperelastic model like the neo-hookean model.


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