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Viscoelastic Parameters from Oscillatory Rheology Test

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Dr. Bergstrom and forum members,

I would begin by thanking you for many an answers which you have provided in other posts, which have been of great help to me on several occasions. I am posting a new thread since my question has never been addressed on the forum before.

I am new to the area of Viscoelasticity and things are overwhelming at the moment. I have Storage and Loss modulus from Oscillatory Rheology Tests at three different frequencies 1hz, 0.1 Hz and 3 Hz and at different temperatures. Data format is Time vs Storage/Loss modulus. I plan to characterize the resin and use it in another Abaqus Simulation.

I believe this is not sufficient to calibrate prony series terms since I lack bulk modulus data ?

Can I feed the storage and loss modulus directly as relaxation test data into Abaqus , with a WLF Shift factor ?

Kindly excuse me if my fundamentals are incorrect, I am new to this domain.

Thank you,