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Viscoelastic model in Abaqus

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[B][/B]Hi, everyone,

I am Abaqus beginner and now I am simulating the stress relaxation of viscoelastic rubber.

first I did practice with elastic model, and it works well.

and then I start to work on viscoelastic.

When i edit material, I choose [B]mechanical/viscoelastic[/B], then [B]domain[/B]: [B][B]time[/B][/B], [B]time[/B]: [B]relaxation test data[/B]. i click test data then choose [B]shear test data[/B]. The long-term normalized shear modulus is 0.69. and in that table I input the [B]stress relaxation data [/B]from my experiment. When i submitbed this job, it was aborted. I checked abaqus manual and it said viscoelastic property should be used with other properties like hyperelastic and hyperfoam. so for the second I choose the hyperfoam property as well as viscoelastic. I check the box of use test data then let poissons ratio be equal to 0.5. then I click suboptions and choose unaxial test data. I input the nominal stress and strain from experiment and leave the nominal lateral strain blank. but after submitting this job, abaqus kept running for five days and could not accomplish this job.

could anyone tell me what is wrong with my model?

Thank you in advance.

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How far has the simulation run? What is the current time increment size? How many increments has the simulation taken?


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