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System Error 2 in run UMAT

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Hi every body

I write a Constitutive Rock model (Hoek-Brown) in Fortran For Abaqus, But When I run my model this error I see:

System error 2 in std_OperatorWorkSpaceManager::DeAllocate: An offset overwrite was detected for Element operator workspace ID = 13, Element operator workspace name = idEO_MaterialStiffness, Offset = -1.)

Can any one help me about solve this error?

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This is most likely an ABAQUS error message. Post your question in the ABAQUS user group at

[url] [/url]

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I have found that perhaps the easiest way to solve those types issues is to add print/write statements to your code in order to verify that it behaves as you expect. One of the first things you should try to find out is if the error is triggered from within your subroutine or not.


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Hi Kooshari,
Have you sorted this problem? And if so, are you willing to share the code? Please reply to [email][/email]. Thanks.


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I also had such problems.
And I solved it by changing the expression of DDSDDE, for example, I am always used to
write the DDSDDE sentance one by one, if I changed to cycle sentances, it works.
I dont know why? But you can try it. Good luck.