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Suggestions in writing Abaqus UMAT for hyperelastic materials

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Hello, I am new to UMAT for Abaqus and need to write UMAT for hyperelastic material. For plasticity theory, there are many books explaining computational aspects and even commenting about writing plasticity model in Abaqus. I did not find any such text for nonlinear elasticity. Can someone suggest good books (this is what I am mainly interested) or references for writing UMAT hyperelastic models? I know continuum mechanics and good books, but interested in computational aspects.

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There are not that many books on that topic. My recent [URL= ]book[/URL] has an exemplar hyperelastic UMAT example (with code).


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A nice, but perhaps somewhat outdated and not too comprehensive, reference is given at [URL= ][/URL], see, e.g., Lecture 6 on Writing a UMAT or VUMAT. Maybe youll find it useful.