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Rebar layer formulation

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Hello all,

I am working on the modelling of fiber-reinforced rubber. The potential approach to model FRC behavior (global) is by using fiber material as rebar layer and matrix as hyperelastic (for large strain). Since my research work is limited to Abaqus software the implementation has be done by user subroutine (fortran or python).

As far as i understand Abaqus allows user to specify the cross section area of the strands, the gap between two strands, and the alignment angles of the threads for fiber layer. Abaqus lets the users to use an option called lift equation parameters.

I am unable to understand the parameters of lift equation. How it should be used ? lets say I have

Number of fibers = 200

diameter = 0.2 mm

fiber angle = 30 deg.

How can i use this data to model rebar layer in Abqus based on lift equation?