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Need help validating hyperelastic VUMAT

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Hello all!

I'm currently working on hyperelastic VUMAT for a custom variation of the Neo-Hookean material model. As a first step I tried using Dr Bergstroms model as well as Mr Hohenbergers "Generalized Yeoh - routine" posted here in the forums. For my tests I tried to validate my implementation by comparing the results of these models to the built-in Neo Hookean model. I've used both plane strain and 3D analysis but the only cases where the VUMAT's give the same results as the built-in model are cases of uniaxial tension.

As the cases where the subroutines don't give the same result as the built in models are rotations and shear are present I was wondering if perhaps some error could be introduced from Abaqus using the Green-Nagdhi rate?
(Although I am running the built ins with an explicit anlysis as well). I am ruling out that the rotation of the stress would be wrong as stresses are indeed formulated in terms of stretch and I double checked that the stretch actually corresponded to the deformation gradient.

Another observation I made is that without a fixed time increment the built in models would yield a different initial time increment than the VUMAT models. Is that indicative of something wrong in the linearly elastic regime?

Yet another thought I had was the perhaps that perhaps the material parameters could be in the wrong range and cause problem.
I'm currently using rho = 1E-9, C_10 = 0.5 and D1 = 0.04. Is this worth investigating further?

Also, is there any other approach I could take to find the source of my errors?

All the best

I included an image of the a loadcase (3D) and the corresponding shear stress for the VUMAT as well as built-in Neo hookean.