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Modelling uniaxial tension using anisotropic hyperelasticity in Abaqus

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Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to replicate the experimental results from a uni-axial tension test performed on aneurysmatic arteries using Abaqus. I have done the curve fitting for the Holzapfel-Gasser-Ogden anisotropic model and have extracted the parameters involved in the description of the constitutive model. I have created the same geometry as the one on which the experiment was performed and have used the benchmark problem Anisotropic hyperelastic modelling of arterial layers found in the Abaqus documentation as a guide.

Although my results concerning the force/displacement curve are similar to the ones provided in the example, I cannot replicate the stress-strain curve that I extract from my experiment. From what I understand Abaqus does not use the same strain measures as the one used in the theory of large strains (Green strain), but even with the use of different strain measures (nominal or logarithmic strain) the stress-strain curve is not similar to the experimental.

So this leads to a more general question. How can one extract the stress-strain curve from Abaqus that replicates the uniaxial tension tests?I tried to upload my .inp file but couldnt do it.Thank you in advance for your response.