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modelling fibre compression (mainly in reinforced composites)

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Hello everybody!

Id like to ask for hints or [B]suggestions of papers[/B] dealing with a specific problem. :confused:

Im engaged in the loss of service strength of comressed fibre reinforced composites. In most cases failure occur due to matrix material when the compressive strength or durability of the matrix is exceeded.

But I am interested in the cases when fibre compression leads to weakening of the whole composite.

1) Does somebody know [U]stress-strain results[/U] for axial/longitudinal fibre compression (thermoplasts or any other material)?

2) Is somebody aware of papers dealing with [U]modelling of matrix weakening[/U] (due to critical shear stresses) [U]due to micro-buckling[/U] of stiff fibre materials under compression?

3) Or is somebody aware of papers dealing with the [U]loss of tensile strength[/U] of fibres [U]after[/U] undergoing of (singular or repeated) axial/longitudinal [U]compression[/U]?

Thank you very much in advance! 🙂