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Model Calibration Using Uniaxial Tensile Test Data ONLY

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Hello All!

Im studying the rate sensitive behaviour of hyperelastic polymeric materials such as Polyurethane and Polyurea. As such I have planned some uniaxial tensile tests (at high strain rates-my focus)

My question is, whether it is possible to adequately calibrate a constitutive model (e.g. Mooney Rivlin 5 or 9) using this data alone. Since Im considering high strain rates (>1000 /s) are equibiaxial and planar tests possible to do?

Please help.


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It is not a good idea to calibrate a higher order Mooney-Rivlin model using only uniaxial data. You have a few different choices:
[*]Use a I1-based hyperelastic model (e.g. Arruda-Boyce Eight-Chain) that can be calibrated using only uniaxial data.
[*]Perform additional high rate tests. As an example, we often perform tension, compression, shear, and biaxial loading at high rates.
[*]Perform the multiaxial loading experiments at lower strain rates, and then calibrate a suitable viscoelastic / viscoplastic material model to the combination of all low and high rate tests.
[/LIST] -Jorgen

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