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min/max in USDFLD (ABQ)

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Hello, I want to use a USDFLD to model the material-behaviour of composites under cyclic loading.

A USDFLD call the stresses and strains and calculate the defined State-variables (SDV) one after another for every IP (Integration-point). I want to know if there is a possibility to determine the max or min value of the SDV [B]of all Elements (IP). [/B]For example make a loop over all IP to read the SDV of all IP and write the SDV of all IP in a array, then interpret this values and for example determine the min or max SDV-value of all IP and after that use this value to calculate another SDV in the USDFLD. Is this possible in a USDFLD or should I use another subroutine like URDFIL (for this case, how can the different subroutines communicate with each other, give e.g. SDV with each other)?

Thank you in advance, if you can give me a help!

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What you are requesting is not easy to accomplish

The only way I can think of is to use a USDFLD that is to pre-allocate a Fortran save array and storing the information in that array. That way all IP can potentially read the stored information. This approach cannot be used, however, if you use more than 1 CPU.


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